Grass-Finished Lamb

Grass-Finished Lamb

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Local grass-finished lamb is a thing of beauty - juicy, tender, and rich.

Our sheep eat fresh grass, herbs, and weeds - never antibiotics, hormones, or grain. That makes Spoon Full Farm lamb incredibly healthy.
Whole, half, and quarter-animals (approximately 40, 20, and 10 pounds of meat, respectively) are now available for pre-order.

When you put down your deposit, here, you will own a share in a live animal. After the sheep is processed on the farm (by far the most humane, sustainable, and economical way to do it), you pay for the rest and we deliver. You’ll get all types of cuts: chops, roasts, ground, and organs (if you want).

The more lamb you order, the lower your price per pound. Total price for a quarter lamb will be approximately $170 ($17/pound). For a half lamb, $320 ($16/pound). For a whole lamb, $600 ($15/pound). These numbers will vary.

Please call Mericos with any questions: (206)245-6760.

Whole, Half, or Quarter.:
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