The Healing Power of "Whole Earth" Farming


You need your body to thrive, and your thriving body needs nutrient-dense food. Nutrient-dense food grows in rich biological soil. 

Our planet needs rich biological soil, too, to store carbon underground in solid form, and to make the best use of our precious fresh water. 

That's where our "Whole Earth" Farming practices come in. We never till our soil, and we mimic the biodiverse resilience of nature's ecosystems, which leads to vibrant soil health and nutrient-rich crops. 

Our love and respect for nature happens to prevent insect and weed problems, so we don't need to spray any poisons or synthetic fertilizers. 


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More about Whole Earth Farming:

Whole Earth Farming is not just sustainable, it's actually regenerative for our carbon and soil resources. 

Our farming techniques combine several farming philosophies that combine ancient wisdom with cutting-edge ideas: no-till eco-farming, holistic management grazing, permaculture, and biodynamic agriculture. 

We believe that Whole Earth Farming can be applied all across the whole Earth. It's a way to grow more and more food per acre, while adding to our resources and combating climate change.



Water: Efficient and Clean

We don't take our water for granted. Organic matter retains 900% more water than purely mineral soil. With each crop we plant, we build more and more organic matter into our soil. This way, we use more and more of our water for plant growth. 

All the water that does drain through our soil goes back into the Yakima River system cleaner than it was before, filtered by our organic matter.


Air: Inhaling Carbon

One of the most difficult problems facing our society is excessive atmospheric carbon, and the climate chaos that it causes. When we grow crops without tilling, allowing plant roots to grow deeper and deeper in the dirt to mingle with and feed the microbes down there, we trap carbon in solid form. 

That's right: whole-earth farming pulls carbon right out of the air and stores it back in the earth. 


Fire: Harvesting Sunshine

By planting diverse cover crops and intensively managing our cattle grazing, we maximize pasture growth, which creates more nutritious food and more biomass to feed our soil's fertility. 

In this way, we make our fields into highly efficient "green solar panels" that make the most of that big golden fire in the sky. Even the portable electric fences with which we rotate our cattle are powered directly by the sun.


Earth: Teaming with Life

Leaving our earth whole by not tilling the soil allows microbes to flourish. These microbes form a healthy ecosystem, which unlocks easily-assimilated minerals that nourish our plants. Those same minerals that our soil microbes give to our plants end up in the food that we grow, and add to your health when you eat it. 


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