The Healing Power of "Whole Earth" Farming


Beneath many of our most urgent problems is a single cause, which is right under our feet. The health of our bodies and our whole planet depends on the health of living soil, the thin skin encircling our land, the unsung basis of all terrestrial life. For too long, our agriculture has sapped our soil life and polluted our air and water. Soil tillage has released more carbon dioxide than all the oil ever burned

Right now it is possible - and necessary - for humanity to farm in ways that bolster our soil. Doing so will produce nutrient-dense food to boost public health, clean up our freshwater and oceans, and store carbon underground.

That's where "Whole Earth" Farming comes in. 


Because healthy soil represents a powerful, unified benefit for many problems at once, we at Spoon Full Farm are loyal to soil. Accordingly, we practice what we call "Whole Earth" Farming, which combines several farming philosophies that combine ancient wisdom with cutting-edge ideas: no-till ecological farming, holistic management grazing, permaculture, and biodynamic agriculture. (click any of the links to learn more)

The main goal of "Whole Earth" Farming is to build soil health, because:

Living soil provides minerals for plants, which in turn give us nutrient-dense food, which helps our bodies work properly and decreases our risk of cancer and heart disease.

Rich biological soil also stores carbon underground in solid form, and makes extremely efficient use of fresh water, without polluting our rivers and seas with poisons and fertilizers.

Our love and respect for nature helps us create biomimicry permaculture systems that minimize insect and weed problems, so we never need to spray poisons, even "organic" ones. 


With produce bags from BioBag, clamshells from World Centric, and labels from PURE Labels, we are able to bring our food to you in packaging that is 100% compostable. Instead of using materials that extract carbon from our soils, these products finish their lifecycles by returning carbon to the Earth.

Our need to address our environmental and human health problems is so urgent that sustainability is not enough. We need a food system that is not just sustainable, but actually regenerative for our carbon, soil, and water resources. Whole Earth Farming is a profound part of this system.

We believe that Whole Earth Farming can and should eventually be applied to farms all over the whole Earth. We can grow more and more food per acre, grow the health of our soils, waterways, and people, while mitigating and withstanding climate change.

With love,

The Spoons


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