Take Your Time


It’s the middle of an unusually warm El Niño winter. Inside work abounds. Budgeting, hiring, selecting seeds: preparations.

And yet, as the sun's arc across the sky gets higher and higher, spinning towards warmer, longer days of rampant plant growth, we are taking our time. 
We take time to watch the cattle eat hay. We lean back and rest on a bale of hay. A steer looks up mid-chew and winks. An eagle tacks through the blue overhead, dodging two pesky ravens. A rooster crows.

To us, these times are important for flavor. For us to really understand what we're growing, and how, we have to know what that growth is like. What does it look like, smell like, and sound like? These impressions are as important, in their way, as the size of the cattle, the price of their meat, the return on investment. When we know what the cows’ lives are like, we know what we’re offering in our beef. We can paint a picture in your imagination, which lives in your mind and heart, as the food lives in your belly and mouth. Along with the microbiome, proper stomach acids, chewing, and good company, proper imagination is crucial for proper digestion.

The story of all of your food ends as it passes into and through your body — what good is an ending without a sense of the characters and setting involved?

Hanging with the cows also helps us notice anything that may be wrong with them, and appreciate all that is right with them. The cows live at their own leisured pace. Somewhere between their mellowness and the frantic rush of the modern tweetstorm — that feels like the right pace for us. Perhaps it’s right for you, too.

We set this pace by setting the right goals, so that we have some time to relax and enjoy life, while providing you all with enough amazing food for prosperity and nourishment. We set the pace by taking time to cook and eat in community, and to enjoy our food. We deserve it.

You deserve it. Set your pace closer to alignment with growing nature. Enjoy your food. Enjoy your moments. Somebody told us the most revolutionary act, in this insane world, is to be calm and happy. Let’s grow a peaceful revolution. This wild world will be better for it.

Mericos Rhodes