Growing Food Community with FEEST


Our Privilege and Responsibility

We’ve always farmed to heal land, trusting that the land’s natural vitality will help us earn enough revenue to grow our business. This is hard work that feels good. It’s a beautiful privilege, which gives us a beautiful responsibility — a responsibility to the land, and our clientele, yes, but also to our bioregion as a whole, with its diverse communities.

Last year, one of our interns lamented that very few people can afford our food. It’s true, Spoon Full produce and meat appears more expensive than “conventional” grocery store food.

Every young person should have access to food like this, grown in healthy soil. You can play a small role in helping this happen!

Every young person should have access to food like this, grown in healthy soil. You can play a small role in helping this happen!


Ultimately, regenerative, local food is a prudent investment in personal health (because healthcare is even more expensive), and our economy as a whole (because we don’t “externalize” any costs onto the ecosystem or the public, like many large food producers do). 

Still, our economy is currently structured so that a big majority of people can’t afford to make the healthy investment in ecologically-grown food. That’s a serious public health and justice problem, which has a thousand potential solutions. More farmers, more mechanization and new distribution networks could help. Someday, regenerative food will be affordable for everyone.

Right now, a more immediate solution is to educate and empower young people about nutrition and cooking. That’s why we are offering you, as part of the Spoon Full Farm family, a way to support FEEST.


FEEST stands for “Food Empowerment Education and Sustainability Team.” They’re a group of kind, brilliant folks, dedicated to this mission: to “organize low income youth and youth of color in South Seattle and South King County to become leaders for food justice and health equity.” 

A FEEST community dinner, organized by young leaders.

A FEEST community dinner, organized by young leaders.


We love the way they implement this mission: they help youth leaders (high school age) organize community dinners! They also organize students to transform their school lunches.
Because of this work, Highline Public Schools offer “a youth-developed butternut squash curry that is now served at all elementary, middle, and high schools in the district.” 

The beauty of this mission is that it’s about more than food, and more than FEEST — it’s about youth and community. We’ve donated lots of food to food banks in the past, and that’s great, but our food goes further when it empowers people culturally, as well as feeding people, physically. Cultural nutrition is just as transformative as physical nutrition. 


“Everything we do is rooted in radical joy…

…love for our communities, pride in our cultures, celebration of our best selves. We work toward a liberated world where young people, people of color, immigrants, low-income and other marginalized folks can self-determine their own lives and futures. We seek health justice: the elimination of all barriers for people to live physically, mentally, socially, culturally healthy lives.” - About FEEST


“Spoon Sharing” Program

In 2019, every Spoon Full CSA membership will have an optional add-on called “Spoon Sharing Donation,” which will charge your card $5 either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, for the duration of your CSA membership. With this donation, you are helping to feed amazing Spoon Full food to more than just your family. You are helping to grow much-needed community in our region as a whole. You are sharing your power to come together around healthy food

Thanks to Spoon Full CSA members’ generous support, this spring and summer, we are partnering with FEEST in three ways: 

  • Food donations. We are providing produce (and eggs / lamb?) for their “Make Food Make Fam” event in May. We are also exploring ways to help supply food for their youth-led community dinners. 

  • On-Farm adventure. Some day in August, a large group of FEEST youth leaders will visit us here at Spoon Full Farm for a farm tour. While they’re here, they’ll get to harvest food from the garden for an on-farm lunch! As always, our hope is that this experience helps them connect with living soil. 

  • Monetary donations. The first use of all donations will be to help fund our food donations. Basically, the donations buy produce, eggs, meat, ferments, and honey from Spoon Full, for FEEST, until we either run out of food to provide, or FEEST doesn’t need more food from us — at that point, we’ll donate the rest of all donated funds straight to FEEST, in support of their general mission and administration

Ways to Get Involved

Add a “Spoon Sharing Donation” to your summer CSA order.

Add a “Spoon Sharing Donation” to your summer CSA order.

—If you want to add a spoon sharing donation to a Spoon Full CSA subscription, you can do so at If you already have a main summer produce share, skip down to the “Choose Add-ons” section. 

If you run into any difficulty, don’t hesitate to email - they will be happy and quick to help. 

—Join us, and enjoy Spoon Full produce, at FEEST’s “Make Food Make Fam” fundraising dinner event on May 7th. Click here to learn more:

—Learn more about FEEST, and donate to them directly, at

Mericos Rhodes