5 Ways to Know if the Farmers Market is Right for You

On the eve of Farmers Market Season beginning in earnest, we’ve been marinating and ruminating and conversating on the aspects of market we love the most. 

Through this intensive research, we’ve discovered five questions that you should ask yourself, if you ever wonder whether you should shop at a farmers market. We’ll count down from Question #5 to Question #1, and share with you the single most important way you can know whether you’ll love farmers markets. 


Question #5: Do you have feet?

If you answered “Yes!” Then you should probably shop at a farmers market. To walk among the beautiful, diverse booths at your local market is wonderful exercise. Your feet get to move, outdoors, as slow as you want, through a bustling environment, exploring, moseying, wandering, almost as though you were a hunter-gatherer foraging in a bygone age. 

You become part of a moving mass of lovely people. Where else besides Farmers Markets do such happy crowds gather, without some central spectacle to entertain them?

Yes. If you have feet, that’s a good step to knowing how much you’ll love walking around at your local market.


Question #4: Do you have hands? 

If you raised your hand yes, then you’ll love shaking the strong, weathered hand of the human who grew the food that you buy and eat. You’ll love the joy of an intimate transaction, where the millions of nerve endings in your powerful hands feel an electric connection to the source of your life. You’ll wave to new friends, perhaps pet a dog, and certainly clutch a cabbage. 

Yes. If you have hands, get a grip on the fact that you’ll love high-fiving a farmer at our local market.


Question #3: Do you have eyes? 

If you winked one eye slyly, then you’ll love seeing the vivid array of splendorous offerings brought out by your bushy-tailed, bright-eyed local farmer. Bright orange carrots. Purple carrots. Yellow carrots. Other colorful vegetables, too (but mostly purple carrots). Local food is a marvelous part of nature’s infinite artistic talent, and so are the farmers who grow it. One look in their eyes, and you can tell it’s true. 

Yes. If you have eyes, that’s a good way to see how much you’ll love to shop at your local market.

nose knows1.JPG

Question #2: Do you have a nose? 

If you crossed your eyes and saw a nose, then you’ll know a good local-food deal when you smell it. The eyes may see and the brain may think, but the nose knows. You’ll catch the scent of fresh basil, long-storing garlic, apple cider, coffee, goat milk soap, and cooking bacon, and you’ll know in a way deeper than words could say: this food grew in a good place, and it was brought by good people. 

Yes. If you have a nose, then this statement should pass your sniff test: “You’ll love to shop at your local market.” 


Question #1 (the most important question): Do you have a mouth?

If you sang out yes, then you’ll cry out with joy when you taste the unique local flavors and food innovations offered at the farmers market. You’ll have to stop walking, hold up your hands, and forget everything you’ve ever heard about food when that taste hits your tongue. Fresh heirloom tomatoes, natural bacon, crunchy carrots, the best breakfast sandwich you’ve ever had: those tastes tell the truth, and your own mouth will tell you: “Let’s eat delicious, healthy, regenerative food, all the time. Let’s shop at the farmers market.” 

There you have it. If you answered “Yes” to any of the above 5 questions, then we will see you at the farmers market, starting this weekend! 

Spoon Full Farm brings a diverse array of delicious healthy local foods to a number of markets in the Seattle are and Ellensburg. Click here to learn exactly when and where. We love you.

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