How to Cook a CSA

When ingredients grown with love reach their potential,

the community between good people grows, just like plants, soil, and animals on the farm. The only question is: what to do with all this bounty?

You can cook magnificent feasts, and you can fry an egg with a simple salad. You can ferment. You can share with friends. There are as many ways to utilize and enjoy a CSA as there are CSA box deliveries.

(Every Spoon Full CSA box comes with recipes for each and every item of produce, provided by our Harvie software. There’s still time (barely!) to sign up for a Spoon Full CSA, here)

This page offers some resources to guide, inspire, cajole, and encourage, so that you can bring food to its best potential, on a plate.

You can start with (and rely on) our simple, delicious, and versatile staples:

#SpoonFullFed Produce Recipes

Fresh, green (and red, and yellow, and orange, and white…) goodness from the garden deserves to be deliciously devoured. Spoon Full’s resident kitchen wizard Geoffrey Van has, over several seasons, put together a beautiful repertoire of amazing recipes. As the season progresses and ripens, we will add more and more recipes to this page.

Other Resources to know and love:


Six Seasons

One of our 2018 CSA members (thanks, Rebecca) reminded us of this instant-classic cookbook with a beautiful focus on Pacific Northwest ingredients and Italian-ish cuisine. Joshua McFadden operates one of our very favorite restaurants (Ava Gene’s in Portland), and knows the truth: four seasons is never enough.

Get the book

The Wild Carrot

A young person who enjoys the finer things (especially local food and wine), Ruthie’s attitude resonates with our own. Her beautiful photos document her ingenious use of Spoon Full produce, meat, and eggs.

Explore her recipes

Chefs, designers, and teachers are coming together in Seattle to help YOU enjoy a diet of local food. We’re excited to watch this young project (even younger than our farm!) grow. Good people.

Become a Locivore

Farm Food

Kurt Timmermeister is something of a polymath: farmer, writer, ice cream maker, and more. From his farm on Vashon, he blesses our region with inspiring tales of land’s-bounty-enjoyment. This cookbook is a beautiful bridge from farms to tables.

Read Farm Food II: Spring and Summer

Northwest Health Coaching

“Bringing Health and Happiness Back to the Kitchen Table” is the mantra of Northwest Health Coaching. Kelsey promises to help your life glow as vibrantly as the food in each Spoon Full CSA share.

View Northwest Health Coaching