A Brand New Way to CSA:

Meet our new CSA platform, Harvie.

Dear Spoon Full Farm family:

You asked us some good questions this past year, such as “what are these purple things?” and “What if I’m out of town next weekend?”

We heard you: Your Spoon Full CSA needs to fit seamlessly into your life. That’s why we went and found some amazing CSA software: it’s called Harvie.

Harvie makes these amazing things super easy:

  • Auto-Customized boxes, created by an algorithm that matches your preferences with what we harvest each week (eg. if you say you really don’t like beets, you can get carrots instead)!

  • Traveling holds: Vacation planned? Need to change your dropsite? No problem. You can easily reschedule your box or change pickup locations to accommodate your busy life, so no more missing out on produce.

  • Order extra items each week to add to your box, such as eggs, meat, and hot sauce.

  • Pay week-by-week with secure, automatic credit card charges.

  • Recipe Suggestions. Harvie provides recipe suggestions, cooking tips, storage, and food prep resources for your specific box, so using your whole CSA is much easier!

Wow. The internet can do some amazing things. 2019 will certainly be the best Spoon Full CSA season yet.

(Plus, sign up for your 2019 Spoon Full CSA before November 15th, and get a free jar of Spoon Full Honey. Mmm mm honey!)

And if you can’t wait that long for us to bring you delicious food, sign up for our Winter CSA, to receive a weekly box with Spoon Full eggs, meat and ferments!

How Harvie works.

How Harvie works.