Week 9 - You're the Best


Dear Spoon Full Farm Family,

You all are an amazing group of people. Perhaps the very act of signing up for a weekly box of beyond-organic fresh produce selects for a group that's full of curiosity, compassion, and intelligence. Each of our conversations has been marked by interest and good humor. Put simply, we appreciate you. To know the people whom you serve, and to know that they are good people, makes the work a whole lot more enjoyable. 


Anyway, enough about you. Lets talk about U (Power)! Upower is the recipient of all of your donated CSA boxes. The organization "provides fitness classes and wellness education at no cost to underserved teens in King County, Washington."

Their website goes on to say: "Our vision is to provide broad access to fitness and wellness, inspiring teens to take responsibility for their own health through active living and healthy eating."

 U-Power kids cooking up Spoon Full Curry!

U-Power kids cooking up Spoon Full Curry!


That's a mission we love, and one that complements our mission of healing earth and people by growing great food. After all, if our food paradigms are going to change for the better, they had better involve everybody, especially those who cannot currently access delicious freshness. 

So to each of you who have donated a box while you were out of town or unable to pick up, we thank you, and we want you to know: it did not go to waste. 

Now, about this week's box. It's a heavy one. Heavy with delicious summer squash, that is. I'm talking about pounds and pounds of zucchini (and closely related friends, yellowfin and costada squash, which behave very similar to the zukes). In last week's post, I described how a true paleo diet would be eating what is seasonally abundant growing in intact, healthy soil. So this week, we get to eat paleo by eating lots of summer squash! 

To aid in your enjoyment of nature's abundance, one of our CSA members (Thanks, Emma!) has created a very special post on her food blog (hangingoutinthekitchen.wordpress.com), entitled "Zucchini Remix"! 


It has fritters. It has zucchini bread. It has ratatouille, ricotta galletes, and spaghetti. In all, more than enough ways to enjoy all of this week's zucchini bounty in its most delicious form. You can find all of the amazing recipes here. (Yellowfin squash and the striped Costada squash can both be substituted in for zucchini, just about anywhere!)

Here's this week's full produce list:

  • Summer squash in abundance (Bold in whole boxes only)!
  • Lemon basil (Great in refreshing summer drinks!) 
  • Beets
  • Cabbage
  • Kale
  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes


With love,

Spoon Full Farm