Week 24 - Keepers


Dear Spoon Full Farm Family:

Well, here we are. 6 months after packing the first CSA boxes of 2018, we are out in frosty fields harvesting produce for your last boxes of the season. While the garden enters its winter hibernation (the soil microbes have lots of work to do!), we are thinking about keepers.

For one thing, your box will be full of keepers, so that you can continue to enjoy the Spoon Full garden for another few weeks. Onions, garlic, potatoes, squash — these foods kept our ancestors alive when the ground froze and there were no airlifted berries from Chile. 

 You say potato, we say “wow!”

You say potato, we say “wow!”


For another thing, all of you are some real keepers. After the laughter and appreciation that we have shared with each other this season, I feel bonded with you. We all care about you, and being care-motivated people, we prefer to work for people we care about. So we want to work for you, and keep you around in the Spoon Full Farm community. 

Which is why I’m sharing two reasons to sign up for next year’s CSA as soon as you can: 

  1. We are not expanding the number of CSA shares we produce next season, and several people who were not members this past season have already signed up, so space is limited…

  2. When all members sign up and enter preferences before the growing season, we can know with a lot of precision exactly how much of what to grow, which means no waste, and better boxes for everyone! We’re excited. 

We are also still offering a free honey jar to the first 20 people who sign up before November 15th… just a couple of jars left. 

You can sign up here, or read more about the improvements we are planning for our 2019 CSA here

 Last week’s box, glamorized and shot from above.

Last week’s box, glamorized and shot from above.


I hope you choose to keep Spoon Full Farm around as a part of your family’s diet and life. Either way, it has been wonderful to feed you and grow with you. Below, find the world’s quickest survey, the last produce roster of the season, and some tasty recipes. 

Do you plan to sign up to join the 2019 Spoon Full CSA?
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Week 24 produce roster (bold items in whole boxes, only):

  • Winter Squash

  • Potatoes

  • Sweet Onions

  • Garlic

  • Sweet fig jam (Solo boxes only)

  • Turnips or radishes

  • Carrots

  • Elderberry Cordial

  • More turnips or radishes

  • More garlic

  • More potatoes

And here are some relevant recipes:

Enjoy, and please reach out if you have any questions, comments, or forgotten boxes :)


Your Spoon Full Farmers