Week 19 - Farmer's Almanac


Dear Spoon Full Farm Family,

Autumn Color at the farm.

Autumn Color at the farm.


Summer held on for a good long while, out here. Typically, we expect a first frost in mid-September, when the northwest wind lets up a little, and the “arctic” inland air mass to the east drifts in to freeze autumn dew in the mornings’ wee hours.

That nice little tail stretching off the end of summer was one of the sweet blessings of the year, along with the fact that there is a commercial kitchen here in Thorp (!?! along with one gas station and the post office…), and a brand-new farm-to-table restaurant in Cle Elum (it’s called Orchard - check them out for a wonderful fine dining experience) that buys produce from us.

Yummy food at the CSA potluck (not pictured: golden beet cupcakes)!

Yummy food at the CSA potluck (not pictured: golden beet cupcakes)!


Each of these blessings have been wonderful, but mild in comparison to the blessing to serve you all, our CSA family. This has been emphasized in recent weeks, with the camaraderie at the harvest dinner and Thursday night’s CSA Potluck. Next year, we hope to potluck together once a month!

Meanwhile, the almanac says that another El Niño brews, out in the Pacific. We’re supposed to get lots and lots of precipitation this winter. Hopefully that means the blessing of abundant snowpack in the Cascades (to feed the Yakima River) and some good hard freezes (to keep the vole population (which exploded this year after our mild winter) in check for 2019).

What do you think? Are we in for a hard winter?

Aw heck. Who knows. We do know what produce we’ll put into your CSA this week. Here’s what you’ll get (bold items in whole boxes only):

  • Garlic

  • Beets

  • Potatoes

  • Salad mix, with ruby streak mustard greens

  • Hakurei Turnips (mmmm mm!)

  • Cucumbers (still!)

  • Sweet Onions

  • Cherry tomatoes (still?!)

  • Eggplant

  • Radishes

And here are some fun recipes:

Wonderful! Please let us know about any/all weather predictions you have, favorite winter activities, questions, comments, concerns, or songs to share.


Spoon Full Farm