Seeds, Sun, and Water

+ Algorithms =

your Spoon Full CSA.

Dear Spoon Full Farm family:

You have asked us many good questions, like, “What are these purple things?” and “What if I’m out of town next weekend?”

So we asked ourselves, “How can we make every Spoon Full CSA even more delicious, beautiful, and convenient?
The answer was: the internet.

In 2019, your Spoon Full CSA is customizable to bring you the exact delicious food you want, when you want. All this is possible because of our new, wonderful software partners, Harvie.

Harvie’s online platform makes these amazing things super easy:

  • Auto-Customized boxes, created by an algorithm that matches your preferences with what we harvest each week (If you tell the software that you really don’t like beets, you’ll get carrots instead).

  • Traveling holds: Vacation planned? Need to change your drop site? No problem. You can easily reschedule your box or change pickup locations.

  • Order extra items each week to add to your box, such as eggs, meat, or hot sauce. (And, if all goes according to plan, mushrooms and bread.)

  • Pay gradually with secure, automatic credit card charges.

  • Recipe Suggestions. Harvie provides recipe suggestions, cooking tips, storage, and food prep resources for your specific box, so using your whole CSA is much easier!

Wow. Isn’t it beautiful when the internet strengthens your connection with nature?

Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meat and egg CSA shares are available for the Spring.
The summer produce CSA runs from June 23-October 26th, and is open for reservations now.
Membership is limited to 70 people, so don’t wait.

How Harvie works.

How Harvie works.