Mix up a "Sun Martini" with Sun Tonic


After we extracted our fermented cayenne peppers and garlic, to make our soon-to-be world-famous Sun Sauce, we discovered a tangy, spicy, invigorating salty brine left over in our fermentation vat.

A bottle of 2018 Sun Sauce mentoring some 2019 hot peppers.

A bottle of 2018 Sun Sauce mentoring some 2019 hot peppers.


We named this magical elixir Sun Tonic. A 1-oz shot of Sun Tonic will illuminate your immune system, fire up your digestion, and increase your heart rate. A 2-oz shot has been known to increase respiration, heart rate, and cognitive function. Chugging a whole 8-oz bottle has yet to be attempted.

Right away, the Sun Tonic demanded to be mixed up in cocktails. We tried it in whiskey gingers, bloody marys, and margaritas. All good, all enhanced by the tangy spice. But when we tried a Sun Tonic martini, we knew we had found the tonic’s most sophisticated purpose.

Here’s the recipe, honed by culinary wizard / Spoon Geoffrey Van.


Sun Martini

Three Minutes; Makes One Cocktail

A splash of sunshine in the stalwart sipper.


4 tablespoons gin or vodka

1 tablespoon dry vermouth

1 teaspoon Sun Tonic



Shake your Sun Tonic until the sediment is dispersed.

Measure the ingredients into a mixing glass of ice.

Stir to chill. Shake, if it suits you.

Strain into a martini glass.


Get your hands on some life-giving Sun Tonic at a farmers market, or as an add-on in a custom Spoon Full CSA. Click here to learn more.

Mericos Rhodes