Beef Raised Right, “By the Side”

Spoon Full Farm beef is rich and tender, with unique flavor that comes from grass and herbaceous plants that grow right here at the farm. Unlike industrially-raised beef, it’s amazingly healthy for both your body and our ecosystem.

When you order by the side, you choose the most ecological and economical way to enjoy local beef, all winter long.

Better Lives

If we were cattle, we’d want to live at Spoon Full Farm. Freedom to move and play, abundant tasty food, shelter from winter weather, caring health checkups, an intricate and wholesome social life… these animals have it good. And they deserve it.

Better NUtrition

Simply-put, grass-finished (meaning only fed grass, never grain) beef is a superfood. Antioxidants, Omega-3s, lower saturated fat: all the richness of the land, with none of the excess. Learn more about the studied health benefits on our page: “About our Grass-Meat.”

Better Flavor

Everyone who has tried beef from Spoon Full tells us: our beef combines the richness and tenderness usually associated with grain-finishing, along with the unique, robust “terroir” of this particular, beautiful place on earth. Our only caveat (especially when it comes to the amazing steaks): Don’t overcook it!

Better Ecology

When cattle graze in an “intensively-managed” rotational system, they stimulate the growth of soil microbes and grass. We use this system to improve animal health and to store carbon underground, in the soil (learn more in this Spoon Full Journal post).

The most ecological, efficient, and economical way to get that beef is “by the side.” That term refers to a half-section of the animal (the right or left side), which you can buy for your freezer or split with a friend.

The end of a beautiful life should be calm, beautiful, and smooth - no rattling trailers or unfamiliar places. We would like to transition to a system where all of the meat we sell comes from animals who were killed here on the farm. At their home. At peace.

That’s why we are inviting you to buy a quarter, half, or whole beef, this fall.
Here’s how it works:
-You make a deposit for your share in the fall,
-And in January, we bring that share to you,
-And then you pay the difference for the full amount of your beef.

Then you spend the next months, depending on how much your family eats beef, enjoying rich, tender steaks, well-marbled roasts, and juicy burgers. All from cattle raised with respect and love (and absolutely no hormones, grain, or cuss-words). Your body enjoys omega-3 fats and complete proteins, and your mind enjoys the knowledge that your vitality is sustained by a happy and healthy ecosystem.

Email or click the button below, to ask any questions and reserve your beef.

Pricing Information


$8/pound, approximately 175 pounds of mixed beef cuts (steaks, roasts, ground, etc - you can customize to an extent). $500 deposit. Total estimated price: $1,400.


$7/pound, approximately 350 pounds of mixed beef cuts. $750 deposit reserves your beef. Total estimated price (due at delivery, or on a payment plan): $2,450


$6/pound, approximately 700 pounds of mixed beef cuts. $1,000 deposit reserves your beef. Total estimated price (due on delivery, or on a payment plan): $4,200.